This domain previously hosted the Second Life Avatar Review Files, an independent blogging project by several talented furry authors, helmed by Forepawz Golem.
It lived from approximately 2008 to 2018, with the last review being written in 2015. The site sadly disappeared and was domainsquatted from at least December 2019 onward.

While it was in operation, SLARF was a great source of information about the various custom avatars available in SL, which was super useful because of how pricy they were. eventually expired, and was picked up by a fan of the blog that used to live there.
No further content is being produced at this time (and indeed, Forepawz had nothing to do with this "tombstone" being erected), but you can view a preserved version of the old SLARF homepage and reviews at the Web Archive!

Keep in mind that you may need to jump forward and back on the archive's snapshot timeline if something 404s at you or breaks. Not all dates have all data!
The SLARF youtube channel often has visuals for avatars that have all-broken images in their archived article, if you want to peep them.


Are you Forepawz? A prior staffer? A concerned citizen?

If you want to prod the person who operates this site and currently owns the domain, shoot an email over to historian@[this domain].

(If you're a prior SLARF staffer and want to reboot the site, I'll absolutely transfer the domain name over to you at no cost; I'll even help you manage the site tech and hosting if you want. Just be prepared to prove your identity when you contact me.)